CfP: Workshop Proposals at Games Learning Society 10.0

The Games+Learning+Society 10.0 Conference begins Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at the University of Madison-Wisconsin’s Memorial Union with the second annual GLS Playful Learning Summit (PLS).  The GLS PL Summit promotes professional development opportunities to celebrate and deepen educators’ use of games in various educational settings, and fosters collaboration among teachers, designers, researchers and others throughout the elementary to higher education continuum.  The PLS on Tuesday, June 10 will set an exciting tone for GLS 10.0, and provide a unique forum for educators to network, design, and play.

Workshop (Blind peer-reviewed)
The PLS at GLS 10.0 seeks proposals for interactive, two-hour long workshops, during which facilitators engage participants directly.  These sessions are highly participatory and creative, featuring a variety of hands-on activities and include discussion and debriefing following the activity.  Previous GLS workshops for educators have featured rapid game prototyping, mobile game development, early literacy learning, civic engagement and gaming, and digital storytelling and media.

To submit a workshop proposal, please visit the GLS secure submission site at: https://precisionconference.com/~gls.  Submissions for 2014 PLS workshops are due by 11:59 P.M. Friday, March 14, 2014.


Workshop Proposal Guidelines

Please include the following in all workshop proposals:

  • Workshop Title

  • Workshop facilitator name(s)/number of facilitator(s)

  • Workshop facilitator(s) affiliation(s)

  • 500 words maximum description

  • Overview of workshop procedures and format

  • List of learning objectives

  • Description of special requirements for technical needs

  • Description of possible dissemination of tools used in workshop

  • Description of the target audience

  • Range of number of participants required

  • Additional Information


Please note:  Workshops that outwardly promote a specific commercial program or commercial product will not be accepted.


GLS PLS Co-Chairs: Remi Holden & Rex Beaber (remi.holden@gmail.com & rexbeaber@uwalumni.com)

GLS – PLS Fellow Elizabeth King (kinge@uww.edu)

Games Learning Society Conference 10.0


June 10, 2014

Madison, WI

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