British DiGRA

About the Chapter

British DiGRA is the UK chapter of the Digital Games Research Association. Following a vote at out 2017 Conference we decided on a name change from UK Digra and a re-launch of sorts.

Like its umbrella organisation, British DiGRA acts as an international advocate and networking platform aiming to set teaching standards and engage directly with the entertainment software industry. It seeks to promote networking between researchers, industry, policy-makers and educators; interdisciplinary connections; student support and mentoring (e.g. through student prizes, output and conferences); advocacy and visibility; and educational standards.

We also wish to extend the understanding of Game Studies beyond videogaming practices, in line with much current research into gaming. British DiGRA events might also address aspects contingent with digital games such as pervasive gaming, mobile gaming, boardgames, tabletop games, live action roleplaying, card games and street games. British DiGRA events are open to all, and you do not have to be a member in order to attend.

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