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About the Chapter

D-A-CH DiGRA Chapter – Chapter for German-speaking Countries

Like the acronym D-A-CH (roof) insinuates, the chapter aims at representing Europe’s German-speaking countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland and to create an infrastructure to support conferences, joint research and publications.

Goals of the Chapter

In creating a DiGRA Chapter of German-speaking countries we intend to

  • foster exchange of research in between Austrian, German and Swiss Game Studies researchers
  • increase the visibility of German Game Studies internationally
  • discuss particularities of German language media studies/game studies and showcase these research topics (if they exist) to an international audience. This might be: mediality and mediation, cultural techniques, inter- and transmediality, media ecology, discourse analysis, “critical game studies” (with the double meaning of “conditions of” und “critique of” computer games)
  • start a process of translating texts that have originally been written in German into English and disseminate them within the DiGRA community
  • attempt to broaden the scope of game studies and to reintegrate non-digital games and play
  • help establishing game related curricula at universities that reflect the interdisciplinary approach of German game studies
  • acknowledge ludic approaches originating in experimental theatre, game art, media hacking, indie production

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