Turkish DiGRA

About the Chapter

DiGRA TR is positioned at the intersection of the Turkish community game researchers and the world wide community of game research. In recent years, the chapter played a major role in bringing together game researchers and game developers with academic purposes who live in Turkey.

The mission of DiGRA TR is to further the collaboration among both the turkish community of game researchers, and international research. Along this mission, DiGRA TR wishes to

  • organize and host local, national, regional and international conferences and other meeting of an academic nature
  • support the development, design and dissemination of unique practical and theoretical research on digital games and digital games-related phenomena
  • play an active role in the development of game research-related curricula, educational best practices, teaching technology and game research labs and institutions at all academic levels
  • foster exchange and collaboration between game researchers game research-related institutions and organizations at the local, national, regional and international level

We encourage game researchers from Turkey to become a DiGRA member and join our chapter: http://www.digra.org/the-association/membership/

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