DiGRA AGM Announcement

The AGM for DiGRA will be held Friday 16th September, 12.00 – 13.00, at Think Design Play, which takes place 14th – 17th September at Utrecht School of the Arts. We hope to see you there!

Agenda after the jump

DIGRA AGM Meeting 2011 Agenda.

1.0 Opening of the meeting and preamble by Helen Kennedy, President, DiGRA.

2.0 Election of meeting functionaries
– chair
– secretary
– scrutineers
– vote counters

3.0 Approval of agenda

4.0 Financial plan, Board report, and audit report
– Financial statement (Jussi Holopainen.)
– Audit report
– The board report

5.0 Election of financial auditors and vice persons.

6.0 Proposals and elections of new board members and secretary of the Association.

7.0 Financial plan for 2012

8.0 DIGRA 2011 Conference Report

9.0 Any Other Business

10.0 Closing of the meeting

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