DiGRA Conference – Photos, Videos and Bernie DeKoven’s Keynote

Many of you were part of the Think Design Play conference, thank you for your participation!

The event was designed to interrogate the dominant form of the standard research conference and to be productive and provocative. We are incredibly grateful to you all for coming and engaging with the form – both critically and playfully – as DiGRA does best! We hope to have relaunched the “DiGRA conference” as an event that games researchers of every hue will aspire to attend and to shape in the future.

Photos, videos and reports from the conference have been posted on FB, vimeo and Flickr.

Apart from video impressions from the conference, we will also be sharing recordings of keynote lectures. The first video is Bernie DeKoven’s closing keynote titled Playing Well Together. Bernie DeKoven is a fun theorist, game designer and workshop facilitator. In his book, The Well Played Game, he voiced a philosophy of “healthy competition” that formed the core teachings of the New Games Foundation.

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