DiGRA Ventrilo server and Student forums now available

DiGRA student representatives Ashley and Rachel have setup both a forum for DiGRA students as well as a ventrilo server. More details after the jump.

DiGRA Student Forums

Go to: http://forum.digrastudents.org and register. A registration email will be sent to you which you need to click on. This prevents spam monsters and robots from taking over. Registration is just a security measure to prevent spam. I promise we aren’t collecting information about you/from you for any corporate or malicious schemes.

Why a forum?
Well, some people don’t use Facebook. Also Facebook has taken away the forum capabilities it used to have which makes talking to each other in the group difficult. The forum is organised in such a way it is clear where to post for academic advice, to advertise your blog, or to share a hilarious video. Its more organised, more easier, and more better.

Can we still use Facebook?
Of course! For specific info, detailed advice, multimedia messages, however use the forum, simply because it is easier to navigate and your message won’t be buried in a pile of wall posts!


Port: 4019
Password: None at the moment. If people abuse vent, then I’ll create one, but I doubt that will be a problem.

Right now she can handle 25 people. If we need more space, I can upgrade.

For more information or to report bugs, post on the student forums here: http://forum.digrastudents.org/

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