Game Talk at IULM University in Milan, Italy

The Master of Arts in Game Design at IULM University in Milan, Italy, is happy to announce the 2019 GAME TALKS series.

GAME TALKS are lectures, presentations, and performances celebrating​ the culture, art, and creativity of video games. Situated at the intersection between game design, game art, and game studies, GAME TALKS are meant to stimulate, inspire, and surprise.

All events are free and open to the public.

​All presentations are in English, except for Matteo Lana’s (May 16 2019)​*

If you plan to visit Milan in the next few months, consider attending one of these events.

Fore more information, please visit: http://gamedesign.university/game-talks/

Full program

Jake Elliott & Tamas Kemenczy​, How to get lost in a cave​
February 27 2019

Jenna Ng​, Machinima and the allure of ephemerality: gameplay, live streams & digital culture​
March 13 2019

Joseph Delappe​, Playing politics: Headshot!​
March 27 2019

Kieran Nolan​​, Game aesthetics: platform constraints + creative affordances
April 17 2019

Matteo Lana​, Blind e VR: un postmortem*
May 16 2019

Hannah Nicklin​, Games as activism. Provocations for action. What might an activist game design practice look like in 2019?​
May 29 2019

John Sharp​, 7 1/2 observations about the shortest four-letter word in games​
June 4, 2019

Tatiana Vilela Dos Santos​, Game design beyond screens & joysticks​
June 5 2019

Robert Yang​, Sex in Games​
June 19 2019

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/302915974 (in Italian)

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