i-Docs 2016, Bristol, UK

Taking place at the Watershed in Bristol, UK March 2nd-4th i-Docs 2016 stretches over three days dedicated to the rapidly evolving field of interactive documentary. This unique cross-disciplinary convening brings together a brilliant international mix of thinkers, makers and designers from academia and industry to showcase new work, consider emerging practices and platforms, and grapple with the creative processes, politics and economy of interactive non-fiction.

Symposium Themes:

  • The Uses of Immersion examines work from Serious Games to experiential storytelling, from personalisation to AR & VR; what do we mean when we talk about immersion; what is at stake for documentary within this growing trend?
  • Tools for Thought reflects on what non-linear forms contribute to the documentary project of framing the real. How are i-docs being utilised in teaching? What do they bring to research?
  • Evolving Practices considers i-docs in context – from Bosnia to Delhi, Al Jazeera to the BBC, UK environmentalism to the Gezi Resistance; where are i-docs emerging now, and where are they heading?

Contacts: <idocs2016@gmail.com>

More information: http://idocs2016.dcrc.org.uk/

Tickets: http://store.uwe.ac.uk/browse/product.asp?compid=1&modid=1&catid=1372

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