Job: Faculty position in Generative Methods at UC Santa Cruz

The Computational Media Department at UC Santa Cruz has an open position this year for an Assistant Professor working in the area of Generative Methods.
We are looking for faculty who work in areas such as: procedural content generation for games (levels, art assets, non-player character AI, virtual worlds, etc.), procedural generation of complete games or game-like experiences, computational creativity, procedural computer graphics techniques, mixed initiative creativity support systems, artificial life and artificial life based media experiences, computational cinematography, computational arts and crafts, parametric design, generative music for games or computational media experiences, procedural generation of language or narrative in media experiences.
The Computational Media Department is a small but growing department of seven faculty members: Katherine Isbister, Arnav Jhala, Sri Kurniawan, Michael Mateas, Marilyn Walker, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, and Jim Whitehead. We all share a computationally grounded but interdisciplinary interest in the expressive potential of computation as a medium, including games and playable media.
The full job flier can be found here: The closing date for this position, at which time we begin reviewing applicants, is January 8, 2016. So the flier for more details on how to apply.

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