Job: Full Time Post in Game Design at the Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta

The Institute of Digital Games at the University of Malta
has an opening for a resident full time lecturer in Game Design. The
candidate will be require to teach courses in Game Design and one of
two areas: Game Technology or Game Studies as well as further
developing one’s research record within any of these areas.
Candidates will also be expected to participate actively in
contributing to the nascent, but rapidly growing, local game industry
through collaboration with companies relocating to Malta (4A Games,
Codemasters, Exient among others) and, most importantly, stimulating
the creation of an indigenous eco-system of innovative game
development studios. The grade at which the applicant is placed
depends on existing experience in academia and industry and is
negotiable. The contract is indefinite, following a one year
probationary period.

The Institute of Digital Games was formed in January 2013 and is
comprised of a team of international multi-disciplinary researchers.
The Institute runs an MSc programme in games covering Game Design,
Game Technology and Game Analysis/Criticism. We run regular research
talks delivered by local and foreign guest speakers, industry events
and game nights. In other words the Institute acts as a networking
and events hub for local game makers, students, researchers and
educators. More information about the Institute’s staff, areas of
research, educational programmes and events can be found here:

If you have any questions about the post please mail Gordon Callega at:



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