Job: Instructor position at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Digital Media Storytelling/Online Design

Field of Specialization: Digital Media Storytelling/Online Design
Academic Unit: Journalism
Category of Appointment: Preliminary (Confirmation Track)
Rank/Position Title: Instructor I or II (rank commensurate with experience)
Start Date: July 1, 2019
Closing Date: Consideration of complete applications begins November 15, 2018

The School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) invites applications for a preliminary (confirmation-track) appointment in the School’s new Bachelor of Media Production and Design (BMPD) honours program at the rank of Instructor I or II (rank commensurate with experience) beginning July 1, 2019.

The successful candidate will join the dynamic new program in the second year of its launching. The BMPD draws on its own core of distinctive courses, along with elements from two of Carleton University’s most successful programs – Journalism, and Information Technology/lnteractive Multimedia and Design (IMD) – to foster an innovative approach to the ways we connect through fact­ based “story” in the 21st century. It provides a solid academic foundation and professional skills to those who wish to work creatively in the space where media, information, public engagement and design intersect.

The Instructor will help lead the ongoing translation of the program’s mission into a creative and original slate of courses. She/he will be dedicated to innovative teaching and will cultivate and solidify professional linkages that inform curricular development and lead to student co-op opportunities. She/he will demonstrate a strong commitment to student engagement and contribute meaningfully to the academic/administrative life of the School, university and larger community. There are no research expectations associated with this position.

The Academic Unit:

The BMPD is an independent honours degree program, with its own unique academic objectives/outcomes, under the auspices of Carleton’s Journalism program. Capacity by 2022 is expected to be in excess of 200 students over the program’s four curricular years.

Initial intake in September 2018 will be approximately 30 students, rising to a 60-student intake in September 2019. The School’s Bachelor and Master of Journalism programs have a combined total enrolment of approximately 500.

BMPD details: Journalism details:


The successful candidate will have a graduate degree in a field relevant to the BMPD program (e.g. design or media production, journalism, communications) and an innovative vision of storytelling and engagement.

She/he will have demonstrated superior professional skills in writing for multiple media formats and the experience/ability to develop and deliver core courses in that area. Theory- and practice-based expertise in visual communication is essential and in data storytelling highly valued. Knowledge of online design and the relationship between technology, civic engagement and public institutions are assets.

Aptitude and demonstrated ability to teach and supervise at the undergraduate and potentially graduate level is necessary, as is capacity to work in an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment.

For more information, and to submit an application (deadline is November 15th!), please follow this link:

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