Job: Instructors for new online Game Design and Production Program (Excelsior College, NY)

Excelsior College is submitting an application to the New York State Department of Education to approve a new Masters of Science degree in Game Design and Production. This will be a unique 42 credit fully online program. As part of the application we are asked to provide names of potential instructors for the required courses.


If you are interested in teaching a course(s), or developing a course for the program, please send your CV/Resume and the name of the course or course(s) that you are interested in teaching and/or developing (please indicate if you want to teach or develop/design or both). Most courses are 8 weeks in length and those with an * are 15 weeks in length. All courses will be only delivered in an online format and are worth three credits each except where noted.

The courses are: *MGD 500 Game Design and Development (4 credits), MGD 500
History and Culture of Games, MGD 530 Writing for Design and Production,
*MGD 520 Programming, *MGD 540 Fundamentals of Art, MGD 575 Game
Development I, MGD 625 Human Computer Interaction, MGD 640 Educational Game
Design, MGD 650 Level Design, MDG 680 Game Lab 1, MGD 690 Game Lab 2, MGD
Game Lab 3 (4 credits).

Contact- David Seelow, PhD


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