Job: Professor for “Game Design” at Berlin University of Design (BTK)

Professor for “Game Design” in Berlin, WS 2013/2014

The Berlin University of Design (BTK) is seeking a qualified professor for its new Bachelor’s Degree Program in ‘Game Design’.

The Berlin University of Design (BTK) is offering a Bachelor’s Degree Program in ‘Game Design” for the first time during the 2013/2014 winter semester. The professor shall integrate the framework of the curriculum (concept, accreditation, application) as well as collaborate with the existing programs offered: Illustration, Interactive Design, Communication Design, etc. However, Game Design is to be taught as its own program with its own curriculum, which includes computer game design for classic platforms (PC, consoles) such as those for mobile appliances and online-games. A characteristic feature of this course at the BTK is its open discourse with its fellow course programs.

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The apprenticeship offered at the BTK has a unique profile, which consists of a traditional university course interlocked with future-oriented media technologies.

The study course is made up of interdisciplinary projects, collaborations, foreign-country workshops, guest lectures, student exhibits and publications.

Professor for “Game Design”

Position Location: Berlin (Classification Nr. 11126)

The teaching position is offered at BTK in Berlin for the “Game Design” B.A. program commencing in the 2013/14 winter semester. Scope of Duties: we are looking for a qualified individual, who has extensive practical experience and a well-founded theoretical knowledge that can be applied to games in the field of discussion or public/industry didactic.

The professor chosen would represent the study of “Game Design” in the development and teaching of the bachelor’s and future master’s program and influence the BTK Game Design program’s curriculum content. They would also impart the content and overall fundamentals over the course of a bachelor’s and/or master’s study, while integrating historical and contemporary movements as well as developments in the field. This includes, of course, the attention to actual trends. Moreover, an established network in the computer game industry is also an essential part of the foundation for the program’s development.

The employment requirements are set out in §100 of the Berlin Higher Education Act. Alongside these, other requirements such as a completed university degree, excellent pedagogical abilities, and exceptional aptitude in the field of creativity are a must. Furthermore, some proof of artistic works or accomplishments is expected. As a rule, one is expected to have a minimum of five years actively creating artistic work; a minimum of three of these years must have been completed after university completion.

The professor is expected to be able to give lectures in the English language. In addition to teaching and doing research work, a committed collaboration with other programs and cooperation on the university’s development, as well as the BTK’s academic government committees are mandatory.

The position in itself is permanent. However, as long as the suitability of the candidate is not yet determined, the position, for the time being, will be ‘temporary’.

The regular teaching duties consist in part of 18 semester periods per week. Women will be equally considered on the basis of their qualifications, abilities, and field-oriented achievements. The applications of severely disabled persons are also welcomed.

Note: All applicants are requested to submit their application documents in digital format (max 4.7 GB) and in triplicate. Media must be labeled with the position’s classification number and the applicant’s name and address. You can find a sample-application entry under the respective description of the technical requirements. Any other methods of application will not be accepted and will be deleted in accordance with the respective German data privacy regulations. The documents will not be returned. In addition, a short overview of your personal data can be submitted using our online form. For access to this, please use the following link.

Please send us the complete application documents by 31.8.2012 per email ( or by mail at:

Berliner Technischen Kunsthochschule
Das Rektorat
Prof. Matthias Leupold
Bernburger Str. 24-25
10963 Berlin

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