Job: Professor in Digital Game Development – School of Computing Karlskrona, Sweden

Professor in Digital game development, Placed at the School of Computing, in Karlskrona

Registration number 421-0967-2010

Job Description:

Digital game development concerns the development of simulation, visualization and user experience environments with which users interact using a broad range of technologies, where experiences may be informed by principles of game, simulation and/or narrative design. The Game Systems and Interaction Research Laboratory (GSIL) at BTH conducts research in the area of digital game development according to two perspectives representing core values:

* technology-driven innovation in game and interactive system concepts, interaction mechanics,, systems, supporting technologies, development processes and applications,
* scientific and empirical studies of game and systems interaction in order to develop systematic and grounded understanding of the needs, affects and consequences of system use.

The successful candidate is expected to primarily perform research and teaching within one or several of the following competence areas applied to digital game development:

* Human and computational cognition, augmented cognition, and/or neural engineering
* Pervasive computing, ubiquitous computing, and/or ambient intelligence
* Believable synthetic characters and human interaction with artificial life systems
* Robotics and human/robot interaction
* Empirical and scientific studies and evaluations of system interaction
* New and emerging architectures, technologies and methodologies for visualization, simulation and interactive systems development (e.g. augmented reality, ambient intelligence, virtual reality, new rendering methods, physical rendering, biometric interfaces, procedural generation, etc.)

The holder of the position is expected to perform research, teach, advise students on all levels, collaborate with industry and apply for research funding. The teaching is primarily in digital game development and interaction design, but may also include related areas such as computer science. Teaching is conducted in English on the Master level and in Swedish on the Bachelor level. Initially the successful candidates should be able to teach at least in English. It is expected that the successful candidate is willing and able to become proficient in Swedish.

A person who has demonstrated both research and teaching proficiency shall be qualified for employment as a professor except in disciplines in the fine disciplines, applied or performing arts. As much attention shall be given to the assessment of teaching proficiency as to the assessment of research proficiency.
Assessment criteria and the balance between such criteria In order of importance

1. academic track record in relevant areas of research and teaching,
2. publication track record in highly ranked journals and conferences,
3. leadership abilities,
4. evidence of innovation and vision,
5. international experience within the area of expertise,
6. experience from preparing funding applications and track record of receiving funding,
7. experience in industry or industrial research cooperation,
8. flexibility of research focus,
9. pedagogic and didactic skills,
10. experience of teamwork,
11. good communication and cooperation skills.



to be agreed.
Contact for further information regarding this position:

Dean of the School of Computing Conny Johansson, tfn. 0455-385824, Trade Union Representatives are Mikael Åsman (SACO) +46 (0)455 385720 and Monika Nilsson (TCO) +46 (0)455 385440.

Instructions regarding the formulation of the application for the position of professor can be found at or the Human Resources Department, telephone +46 (0)455-385087.

In its work, BTH needs the experience of both women and men and applications are welcomed from both genders for all positions.

Please submit your application, marked with registration number, by December 15th at the latest. Applications should be sent to: The Registrar, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, SE-371 79 Karlskrona, Sweden. Telephone: +46 (0)455-38 50 00. Fax: +46 (0)455-38 50 57. E-mail:

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