Jobs: Postdoc and PhD Positions (Netherlands)

Utrecht University (UU), Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) are looking for highly motivated Postdoc and PhD candidates who consider it a challenge to conduct their research in the context of a collaborative research project funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) on Persuasive gaming. From theory-based design to validation and back. The project is a collaboration between UU, TU/e, EUR and a number of Dutch game developers.


Project description

The research in this collaborative project is concerned with the characteristics, design principles, and effectiveness of persuasive gaming. We study gaming practices that combine the dissemination of information with attempts to engage players in particular behaviors and attitudes. The project has three subprojects: two PhD projects and one Postdoc project. The PhD projects focus on design principles (TU/e) and validation (EUR), the Postdoc project  focuses on the persuasive dimensions of serious games (UU).


Employments start October 1, 2013. The postdoc contract will be running for 3,0 years, the PhD contracts will be running for 4,0 years. Apply until: 19 August 2013. In the Netherlands, a PhD and a Postdoc are considered to be proper jobs. In other words, they are paid to conduct their research.

Additional information

Additional information about the positions can be obtained through the following link:


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