Journal: G|A|M|E #2 – Technology evolution and perspective innovation. (out now)

The second issue of G|A|M|E Games as Arts, Media, Entertainment is now online and available at this address:

The second issue of G|A|M|E, entitled Technology evolution and perspective innovation. 3D and spatial depth today and yesterday, investigates 3D technologies and their implications for the video game world.

The concept of 3D, in this context, refers to both stereoscopy and, more generally, tridimensional systems of representation that have been dominant in video games since the early 1990s. The contributions to this issue seek to provide a better understanding of the evolution of the technological and technical systems of representation.
The articles individuate a time continuity inscribed in these systems, which refashion throughout multiple media. For this reason, G|A|M|E wants to build a parallel reflection between new technologies such as stereoscopic 3D, and established ones such as polygonal 3D.

The contents of this issue are:


Editorial Board – Technology evolution and perspective innovation. 3D and spatial depth today and yesterday

D. Pietschmann, B. Liebold, G. Valtin & P. Ohler – Taking space literally: reconceptualizing the effects of stereoscopic representation on user experience

A. Petrovits, A. Canossa – From M.C. Escher to Mass Effect: impossible spaces and hyper-real worlds in video games. How can hyper-real worlds be designed and interpreted in a 2D, 2.5D and 3D virtual environment and how will this implementation affect the stereoscopic 3D video games of the future?

A. Larochelle – A new angle on parallel languages: the contribution of visual arts to a vocabulary of graphical projection in video games

A. Işığan – The production of subject and space in video games

D. Arsenault & P.-M. Côté – Reverse-engineering graphical innovation: an introduction to graphical regimes

Z. Street – Polygons and practice in Skies of Arcadia

D. Arsenault, P.-M. Côté, A. Larochelle & S. Lebel – Graphical technologies, innovation and aesthetics in the video game industry: a case study of the shift from 2D to 3D graphics in the 1990s
E. Menduni & A. Catolfi – Digital aesthetic forms between cinema and TV. The need for new research directions

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