Journal Issue and CfP: New Issue of Gamevironments + CfP for the next issue

New issue of gamevironments. games, religion, and stuff is available at http://www.gamevironments.uni-bremen.de/

In this second regular issue, #4 (2016), you find articles, a report about current activities in the field of gaming and religion, two interviews and a number of different game and book reviews.

#4 (2016)

Post-Digital Games: The Influence of Nostalgia in Indie Games‘ Graphic Regimes.
Article by Matthia Thibault, 1-23.

Religion, Games, and Othering: An Intersectional Approach.
Article by Kathrin Trattner, 24-60.

‘The poor carpenter’: Reinterpretating Christian Mythology in the Assassin’s Creed Game Series.
Article by Frank G. Bosman, 61-87.

Dishonored: A “Less Dark Outcome” – The Religious Milieu on Dishonored in the Pacifist Route.
Review by Heidi Rautalahti, 88-95.

Agency and Consequence in Life is Strange.
Review by Ylva Grufstedt, 96-100.

To Live or Die in Los Santos: Death and Post Mortality Aspects in Grand Theft Auto V.
Review by Isabell Gloria Brendel, 101-109.

Analyzing Digital Fiction: A Review.
Review by Nina Maskulin, 110-119.

Interview with Shailesh Prabhu, Indian Game Designer.
Interview by gamevironments, 120-126.

Interview with Ricardo Ruiz from 3Ecologias.
Interview by gamevironments, 127-139.

Mapping Methods: Visualizing Visual Novels’ Cultural Production in Japan.
Research Report by Edmond Ernest Dit Alban, 140-160.

The next regular issue will be published in summer 2017. We invite submissions in a number of formats – articles, book or game reviews, research reports on new or planned research projects, etc. Just check the CfP on the website!

CfP for the next issue
Full Chapter Submission: 31st October, 2016
Review Results Returned: 31st December, 2016
Revised Chapter Submission: 31st February, 2017
Online-Publication: Summer 2017


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