Journal Issue: Special Issue 7 (2015) “Religion in Digital Games Reloaded” of “online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet”

The research of religion(s) in digital games is still brand new. Therefore, all researchers immersing themselves into this fascinating field are pioneers of sorts. Luckily, more and more research is being done, works are being published, conferences are being held, and journals are being launched, altogether slowly but surely adding to the consolidation of the research field in the contexts of serious academia.

New special issue:       <>

While the first special issue <> (which was launched nearly exactly one year ago) was dedicated to reveal the huge range of possible methodical and theoretical approaches to the new field (not all of which are necessarily compatible with the basic self-conception of cultural studies as academic discipline), the current issue’s focus is on the interconnectivities and interplays of game-immanent content with actor-centered receptions and responses – the implications and consequences of which are being discussed in the papers which are included in this edition.

The journal is always keen to collect high quality scholarship on issues relating to religions on the Internet and welcomes submissions pertaining to all aspects of these matters anytime to be published in one of our next issues.

Submissions and queries should be send to the following address:


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