Journal Issue: Videogame Communication: Expressivity, Intermediality and Narrative (Communication & Society)

“Communication & Society” has published a special issue entirely dedicated to Videogame Communication. The issue has been edited by Nelson Zagalo, Miguel Sicart and Emmanoel Ferreira. It’s fully available under Creative Commons.

You can download the full issue at:

“As with older media such as literature, the press, photography and cinema, videogames have been used as means of communication and expression in several areas, including: Advertising (Advergames), Journalism (NewsGames), Communication Policy (Serious games and Political Games), among others. So at this moment in videogame history, we believe that there are several unanswered questions: can video games be treated as a strong medium of communication? What new possibilities this medium in particular can bring and add to the field of communication, in the broad sense? There are restrictions on the use of videogames as a mean of communication, in relation to the oldest and most established medium? These are some of the issues that the articles published in this issue of Communication and Society intended to discuss.”


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