Journal: New issue of Game Studies out now – Volume 11 issue 3 (published Dec 31 2011.

New Issue: 2011-03 Game Studies- The International Journal of Computer Game Research

The International Journal of Computer Game Research Issue 2011-03 is out. (Published Dec 31.)

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Table of Contents

A Survey of First-person Shooters and their Avatars
by Michael Hitchens

A survey of over 550 first person shooters, The titles are compared by year of release, platform and game setting. Characteristics of avatars within the surveyed titles are also examined, including race, gender and background, and how these vary across platform and time. The analysis reveals definite trends, both historically and by platform

Against Procedurality
by Miguel Sicart

This article proposes a critical review of the literature on procedural rhetoric, from a game design perspective. The goal of the article is to show the limits of procedural rhetorics for the design and analysis of ethics and politics in games. The article suggests that theories of play can be used to solve these theoretical flaws.

The pastoral and the sublime in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
by Paul Martin

The landscape in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is seen here as a central aspect of the game’s theme of good versus evil. The analysis looks at the game’s distinction between the pastoral and the industrial realms and the way the player’s encounter with the landscape transforms over the course of the game from the sublime to the picturesque mode.

Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams: Popular Music, Narrative, and Dystopia in Bioshock
by William Gibbons
The soundtrack of Bioshock includes popular music of the 1930s-50s, which serves several functions, signifying the time period of the game, yet ironically commenting on the dystopian environment. The lyrics also allow the music to remark obliquely on the game’s action, spurring players to reflection without removing them from control.

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