Journal: New issue of Games and Culture – Games and Culture – 1 July 2011; Vol. 6, No. 4

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Player Character Engagement in Computer Games
Petri Lankoski
Games and Culture 2011;6 291-311

‘‘Did This Game Scare You? Because it Sure as Hell Scared Me!’’
F.E.A.R., the Abject and the Uncanny
Steve Spittle
Games and Culture 2011;6 312-326

At Least Nine Ways to Play: Approaching Gamer Mentalities
Kirsi Pauliina Kallio, Frans Mäyrä, and Kirsikka Kaipainen
Games and Culture 2011;6 327-353

How Games Support Associational Life: Using Tocqueville to Understand
the Connection
Marcus Schulzke
Games and Culture 2011;6 354-372

Playing Games With Cultural Heritage: A Comparative Case Study Analysis
of the Current Status of Digital Game Preservation
Joanna Barwick, James Dearnley, and Adrienne Muir
Games and Culture 2011;6 373-390

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