Journal: New Issue of IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games

The latest issue of T-CIAIG is now available on IEEE Xplore.

Links to each paper are below.

Ensemble Determinization in Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Imperfect Information Card Game Magic: The Gathering
Cowling, P. I.; Ward, C. D.; Powley, E. J
Pages: 241-257

Introducing Individual and Social Learning Into Evolutionary Checkers
Al-Khateeb, B.; Kendall, G.
Pages: 258-269

Evolutionary Design of FreeCell Solvers
Elyasaf, A.; Hauptman, A.; Sipper, M.
Pages: 270-281

Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Hide-and-Seek Game Scotland Yard
Nijssen, P.; Winands, M. H. M.
Pages: 282-294

AntBot: Ant Colonies for Video Games
Recio, G.; Martin, E.; Estebanez, C.; Saez, Y
Pages: 295-308

Bayesian-Game-Based Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning Control for Decentralized POMDPs
Sharma, R.; Spaan, M. T. J.
Pages: 309-328

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