LARP Event Sunday afternoon DiGRA 2014 (sign up now!)

Margaret Simkins has agreed to run Geraldine’s Birthday Party, a
beginner-friendly theater-style live action role playing game set in
1965 Upstate New York. The game will be at Snowbird on Sunday afternoon.
Exact time and room are yet to be determined, but it should start around
noon with game beginning around 1:00pm (Mountain Time).

There is a description of the game at the bottom of this email. This is
a conversation and character relationship-oriented LARP, and it is
pre-cast. That is, we will be sending characters by email before you
arrive so you can read and accustom yourself to them prior to game.
Costuming is encouraged but entirely optional. If you cannot costume or
are not sure what to wear, come as you are. For most characters game
attire will be 1960-ish casual wear for a society garden party.

Sign up by contacting Margaret at magstou@gmail.com
<mailto:magstou@gmail.com> and she will send you a casting form. The
game runs with between 15 and 18 players, so the first 18 to complete
the casting form will be accepted. If you a LARP regular or an
interested newcomer, please try it. It should be a lot of fun. If this
is not your cup of tea, table games and other light RP events will be

This event is a part of the RPG Summit, and all registered DiGRA 2014
attendees are invited.

The blurb:

You are invited to Geraldine’s Birthday Party!

Welcome to the Brickshaw Estate, home of one of New York Society’s
wealthiest, most respected and prominent families. Let me take your
coat, the festivities will be taking place on the back lawn.

The year is 1965, and the country is in the throes of political and
social change. Communism, civil rights, mafia influence in government,
occult spirituality, and wars both cold and hot are on the lips of every
American. Of course America’s fascination with its own high society
remains undiminished, and an intimate event of one of New York’s
prominent families seems just the thing to take the people’s mind off
their woes.

Retired Senator Harold Brickshaw is throwing an 80th birthday party for
his mother Geraldine, famous writer of the 1920s, and he has invited the
entire Brickshaw family, close friends, and select members of the media
to cover the Garden Party Gala. Anticipation is growing across the
country about the well-publicized event. America will be reading and

New York’s media is intrigued by the charismatic Marty Brickshaw, a
strong contender in a close race for US Senate facing a lackluster
Democrat opponent. Inspired by portrayals of the Kennedys, the media is
excited to show voters the Brickshaw family’s intimate family gathering.

What to Expect: Geraldine’s Birthday Party is a mechanics light, theater
style LARP that focuses on exploring character interactions and delving
into a snapshot of history and social circumstances of the 1960s.
Players will be given fully written backgrounds of their characters
history, goals, and motivations prior to the game. Though the setting in
this game takes place in of 1965 New York, and reflects the politics and
social circumstances of the country at that time, the actual characters
and in-game events are not historical, and may include exaggerated and
fantastical story elements.




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