Latest issue of T-CIATG now available

The latest issue of T-CIAIG is now available on IEEE Xplore.

Links to each paper are below.

Also available, most popular downloads in February 2014:

Remember that our June publication (Volume 6, Issue 2) will be our special issue on Computational Narrative and Games.

And, don’t forget that the submission deadline for our special issue on Real Time Strategy Games is July 1st 2014. See the link below for the RTS CFP and the rest of our upcoming Special Issues.

As always, thank you for all your submissions to date. Please keep TCIAIG in mind for your future work.

Best wishes,

Michelle Hallworth
IEEE T-CIAIG – Editorial Assistant

General Self-Motivation and Strategy Identification: Case Studies Based on Sokoban and Pac-Man
Anthony. T; Polani, D; Nehaniv, C.L.
p 1-17

Passing a Hide-and-Seek Third-Person Turing Test
Cenkner, A. ; Bulitko, V. ; Spetch, M. ; Legge, E. ; Anderson, C.G. ; Brown, M.
p 18-30

Solving the Physical Traveling Salesman Problem: Tree Search and Macro Actions
Perez, D. ; Powley, E.J. ; Whitehouse, D. ; Rohlfshagen, P. ; Samothrakis, S. ; Cowling, P.I. ; Lucas, S.M.
p 31-45

Two Online Learning Playout Policies in Monte Carlo Go: An Application of Win/Loss States
Basaldua, J. ; Stewart, S. ; Moreno-Vega, J.M. ; Drake, P.D.
p 46-54

DeepQA Jeopardy! Gamification: A Machine-Learning Perspective
Baughman, A.K. ; Chuang, W. ; Dixon, K.R. ; Benz, Z. ; Basilico, J.
p 55-66

A Micromanagement Task Allocation System for Real-Time Strategy Game
Rogers, K.D. ; Skabar, A.A.
p 67-77

Procedural Generation of Dungeons
van der Linden, R. ; Lopes, R. ; Bidarra, R.
p 78-89

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