Ludic City 2: Grounding game-play in the public environment

iMinds-SMIT (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) kindly invites you to its upcoming lecture entitled “Ludic City 2: Grounding game-play in the public environment” on the 8th of May (6pm -8:30pm, Brussels area).

This is a follow-up of last year’s lecture to you in cooperation with DiGRA Flanders. The common theme of this year’s presentations is how game-play can influence the experience of public space and how it can (or rather may sometimes fail to) do justice to the properties of public spaces, by meaningfully including the physical and social environment, its inhabitants and visitors.

More information on this lecture (venue, speakers, …) can be downloaded from this link on the DiGRA Flanders website . Registration (free, but required!) is possible here: http://bit.ly/16UaVf6

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