March 2015 (10:2) Issue of Games and Culture out now

Tanya Krzywinska writes:

I’m proud to say that there’s a new edition of Games and Culture hot off the press. Thanks to anyone who helped get the edition out, writers, reviewers (without whom this work is not possible) and the admin staff at Sage.

Vinicius Marino Carvalho
Leaving Earth, Preserving History: Uses of the Future in the Mass Effect Series
Games and Culture March 2015 10: 127-147,

Margarida Romero, Mireia Usart, and Michela Ott
Can Serious Games Contribute to Developing and Sustaining 21st Century Skills?
Games and Culture March 2015 10: 148-177

Dušan Stamenković and Milan Jaćević
Time, Space, and Motion in Braid : A Cognitive Semantic Approach to a Video Game
Games and Culture March 2015 10: 178-203,


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