May 21 DiGRA Flanders Meeting (2015)

We are pleased to announce the next DiGRA Flanders meeting in the Ghent City Museum (STAM).


STAM, Bijlokesite, Godshuizenlaan 2 – 9000 Ghent (Belgium).


21-05-2015, doors open at 12.45.



Registration is free at http://www.gameonderzoek.be/index.php/page/register.html


Invited keynote speaker

Catherine Beavis (Griffith University – Australia)


Catherine’s research expertise centers on the changing nature of text and the implications for literacy, education and schooling of young people’s engagement with digital culture and the online world. She researches in the areas of English curriculum, pedagogy and assessment; digital culture and computer games; digital literacy and new literacies and games-based learning. She has undertaken numerous research projects focused on English education, and on literacy, digital culture, young people and computer games.


In her keynote lecture, Catherine will talk about the Australian Research Council Project Serious Play: Using digital games in school to promote literacy and learning in the twenty first century (2011-2014). She will also address working with games in the English classroom, and present a model for critical games literacy which entails thinking of games as both text and action. Catherine will describe the ways in which the model might be used for planning and teaching with and about games, stressing the active nature of games and play, and calling on understandings of literacy as design.


Programme overview

12.45-13.00    Doors open
13.00-13.10    Welcome
13.10-13.40    In-game advertising in fantasy games: the role of thematic congruity
13.10-13.40    Shana Verberckmoes – Antwerp University
13.40-14.10    Shapes: a tactile digital game for physical rehabilitation
13.40-14.10    Niels Quinten – University of Hasselt
14.10-14.40    Using games to raise awareness. How to co-design serious mini-games?
14.10-14.40    Klara Van Geit & Liselot Hudders – Ghent University
14.40-14.55    Break
14.55-15.25    Virtual Fashion: Understanding the rhetoric and culture of dress up in digital games
14.55-15.25    Nicolle Lamerichs – HU University of Applied Sciences – The Netherlands
15.25-15.55    The inevitable link between (the knowledge center for) medialiteracy and gaming.
15.25-15.55    Elke Boudry & Hadewych Vanwynsberghe – Mediawijs.be
15.55-16.10    Break
16.10-17.30    Keynote lecture: Games as text and action: literacy, learning and serious play
16.10-17.30    Catherine Beavis

See you in Ghent!


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