Modern society. Larp methodologies. Problems and perspectives – Academic Larp Conference in Minsk

22nd-24th November 2013, in Minsk. Belarus.

The main aim is to create steady cross-cultural dialogue in larp theory around the world’s different traditions, schools and approaches. Together we will rediscover roleplaying, share experiences and improve our own understanding of the many uses of larp. We are expecting dozens scholars from dozens of countries.

Registration fee:

There is no registration fee.


All participants are free to make their own arrangements, however for your convenience the organizers have some options which may be helpful:

The Hotel Yubileynaya  ( and Hotel Planeta ( ). To have 10-20% discount in these hotels please book through the organizers.

Also they suggest this Hostel:

Hostel Revolucion   – Minsk, Revolucionnaya str. 16\ Komsomolskaya str. 9


To get priority at booking and\or to get accommodated with the other attendees please book through the organizers or mention our conference at booking.

Unfortunately they are new and do not have an English website yet. So here is the translation of the main information.

room with 12 beds 12 Euro
room with 10 beds 12 Euro
room with 8 beds 14 Euro
room with 6 beds 15 евро
room with 4 beds 15 евро
Family room for  2\3 people (only one available) 45 Euro \55 Euro for the  whole room
Single room (only one available) 35 Euro



If you require a visa – the organizers might be able to help you. To get you the invitation and to try and get you a free visa they need following information:

  1. Name and last name (as stated in passport)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Place of Birth
  4. Country of citizenship
  5. Passport number
  6. Date of issue
  7. Date of expiry
  8. Place of work, position
  9. Few words of your status with larp to justify the invitation

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