New Facebook Groups for DiGRA student members

DiGRA is the largest association for academics and professionals who research digital games and associated phenomena. However, in addition to linking professional networks within the community we also seek to connect the games researchers of tomorrow. As such, the student representatives of DiGRA (Ashley Brown and Rachel Kowert) have launched an official Facebook group for student members to help foster an international community of students studying digital games.

Who can join? Anyone that studies digital games.

Do you need to be an official DiGRA member in order to join this group? No, but we encourage it! Membership offers many benefits and helps us serve you better. To join, or for more information, visit: http://www.digra-old-site.local/join

What is this group for? Networking, sharing research, journal finds, having fun, finding conference buddies, and whatever else you’d like it to be!

If you are a research student and would like to connect with other colleagues through the Facebook group, follow the link below:

We have also recently established a Steam group! If you are interested in joining that you can find it by following this link:

Additionally, we kindly ask if games research instructors could advertise the DiGRA student group to their students, as it is a good way to network with other like-minded researchers, share ideas, and just hang out!


Ashley and Rachel

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