New Issue: GAME – The Italian Journal of Game Studies issue 4/2015

G|A|M|E – The Italian Journal of Game Studies just published its fourth issue, titled Re-framing video games in the light of cinema and edited by Riccardo Fassone (Università di Torino), Federico Giordano (Università per stranieri di Perugia), Ivan Girina (King’s College, London). It features seven peer-reviewed articles and a host of non-peer reviewed contributions.

You can read it for free here

vol. 1, 2015 – Journal (peer-reviewed): Re-framing Video Games in the Light of Cinema (edited by Riccardo Fassone, Federico Giordano, Ivan Girina)
– R. Fassone, F. Giordano, I. Girina – Re-framing video games in the light of cinema
– M.J.P. Wolf – Video games, cinema, Bazin, and the myth of simulated lived experience
– D. Arsenault, B. Perron – De-framing video games from the light of cinema
– E. Gandolfi, R. Semprebene – Play the game in the opening scene A multidisciplinary lens for understanding (video)ludic movies, including Super Mario Bros., Resident Evil and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
– S. Atkinson, H. Kennedy – ‘Tell no one’: Cinema auditorium as game-space – audience participation, performance and play
– L. Anyó – Narrative time in video games and films: From loop to travel in time
– S. Anderson – Bad object 2.0: Games and gamers
– A.C. Cline – Documentary film and the (re)production of the 1980s UK game industry

vol. 2, 2015 – Critical Notes (non peer-reviewed)
– F. Giordano – L. Argenton, S. Tiberti: Psicologia del videogioco. Come i mondi virtuali influenzano mente e comportamento
– V. Idone Cassone – J. Ng: Understanding machinima. Essays on filmmaking in virtual worlds
– H. Gelis – It wasn’t even acceptable in the Eighties: Hotline Miami and snuff films
– J. Švelch – Towards a typology of video game trailers: Between the ludic and the cinematic
– M. Thibault – Lego: When video games bridge between play and cinema


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