New Issue of Convergence: Special issue on Mobile gaming

Just released online – the November issue of Convergence, which is a special issue on mobile gaming, with seven new papers on that topic.

The edition was edited by Chris Chesher (UNSW), Larissa Hjorth (RMIT), Ingrid Richardson (Murdoch) and Jason Wilson (Canberra).

Contents as follows:

Jason Wilson, Chris Chesher, Larissa Hjorth, and Ingrid Richardson – Distractedly engaged: Mobile gaming and convergent mobile media

Larissa Hjorth – Mobile@game cultures: The place of urban mobile gaming and solitaire apps

Christopher Moore – The magic circle and the mobility of play

Christian McCrea – We play in public: The nature and context of portable gaming systems

Alison Gazzard – Location, location, location: Collecting space and place in mobile media

Ingrid Richardson – The hybrid ontology of mobile gaming

Celia Lam – Portable media affected spectatorship

Jason Wilson – Playing with politics: Political fans and Twitter faking in post-broadcast democracy

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