New Issue of Game Studies (Vol. 13, Iss. 1)

Game Studies: The International Journal of Computer Game Research has just published its latest issue (Volume 13, Issue 1, September 2013). All articles are available at





A Kinesthetic Theory of Videogames: Time-Critical Challenge and Aporetic Rhematic

by Veli-Matti Karhulahti


This article looks into the mostly unexplored difference between kinesthetic and nonkinesthetic videogame challenge. The difference is refined into a challenge-based theory for understanding the videogame and its peculiar rhetorical character.


Sonic Mechanics: Audio as Gameplay

by Aaron Oldenburg


The work discusses the past and potential future intersections between game design and theories within contemporary sound art. The author will describe his design process in the creation of several experimental audio games. These range from music composition based on chance game events to silent games that simulate aspects of sound.


Automatic-Play and Player Deskilling in MMORPGs

by Stefano De Paoli


The concept of automatic-play refers to the use of game bots, macros and other software that allow a total or partial automation of gameplay and in particular avatar levelling. The paper theorizes a key aspect of the automation of gameplay: the deskilling of players with the transfer of human skills to automatic-play software.


A Review of Ludoliteracy: Defining, Understanding and Supporting Games Education

by Siobhán Thomas


Ludoliteracy: Defining, understanding, and supporting games education (2010). by José P. Zagal. Pittsburgh, PA: The ETC Press. ISBN:978-0-557-27791-9

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