New issue of Games & Culture (10:3) out now

Here’s the Table of Contents from the upcoming May issue of Games and Culture.

Hearty thanks to everyone, authors and reviewers, who helped make this diverse issue possible. Games and Culture relies on the generosity of so many (smile emoticon).

Christopher B. Patterson
Role-Playing the Multiculturalist Umpire: Loyalty and War in BioWare’s Mass Effect Series

Andreas Lieberoth
Shallow Gamification: Testing Psychological Effects of Framing an Activity as a Game

Christothea Herodotou, Niall Winters, and Maria Kambouri
An Iterative, Multidisciplinary Approach to Studying Digital Play Motivation: The Model of Game Motivation

Toby Smethurst and Stef Craps
Playing with Trauma: Interreactivity, Empathy, and Complicity in The Walking Dead Video Game

Asaf Friedman
The Role of Visual Design in Game Design


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