New Issue of Journal of Gaming and Virtual World (Issue 4:1)

Issue 4:1 of Journal of Gaming and Virtual World has just been published online:,id=2165/

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List of contributions:

Co-creative interface development in MMORPGs – the case of World of Warcraft add-ons
Authors: Patrick Prax
Page Start: 3

Graphics and gratification: Exploring the link between technology and enjoyment in video games
Authors: Sven Joeckel and Nicholas David Bowman
Page Start: 25

Why gamers don’t learn more: An ecological approach to games as learning environments
Authors: Jonas Linderoth
Page Start: 45

Memory and heritage in Second Life: Recreating Lisbon in a virtual world
Authors: Cátia Ferreira
Page Start: 63

What do you mean by believable characters?: The effect of character rating and hostility on the perception of character believability
Authors: Michael Sangyeob Lee and Carrie Heeter
Page Start: 81

REVIEWS by Chris Pallant, Phylis Johnson, Alina Padilla-Miller and Jay Jay Jegathesan

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