New Issue of Press Start Journal 4.1

The editorial board of Press Start Journal is once again happy to inform you of our newest issue, containing:

Editorial: Behind the Making

Lars de Wildt, Carina Assuncao, Samir Azrioual, Matthew Barr, Landon Kyle Berry, Mahli-Ann Butt, Daniel Joseph Dunne, Sarah Beth Evans, Eric Murnane

Critical Insights:

Playing Producer: An alternative perspective on video games as film

Olivia Huang

Papers, Please as Critical Making: A Review

Eddie Lohmeyer


Pokémon is Evolving! An investigation into the development of the Pokémon community and expectations for the future of the franchise

Carina Assunção, Michelle Brown, Ross Workman

The Design Process of a Board Game for Exploring the Territories of the United States

Mehmet Kosa, Murat Yilmaz

“Grant us eyes, grant us eyes! Plant eyes on our brains, to cleanse our beastly idiocy!”: FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, and the New Frontier of the Gothic

Oliver Langmead


Book Review: The Post-9/11 Video Game: A Critical Examination

Pieter Van den Heede

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