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Press Start

Vol 2, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents




Nintendo Creators Purgatory: Why YouTubers should think twice before

registering for the Nintendo Creators Program (1-6)

Yvette Ann Walker




Authorship and Moral Rights in Video Games (7-19)

Julian Stein

Media Literacy: Using a Game to Prompt Self-Reflection on Political Truth

Biases (20-34)

Ralph Vacca

Insight: Exploring Hidden Roles in Collaborative Play (35-56)

Tricia Shi,           Bruno Tambasco

Playful Politics: Developing a Framework for Designing Video Games for

Political Participation in the United Kingdom (57-74)

Andrew James Reid

Activity Theory and Games-Based Learning as an Interdisciplinary Approach to

Literacy Across Curriculum for Excellence (75-98)

Hugh O’Donnell



Press Start


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