New Issue of ToDiGRA: From the Inaugural Australian DiGRA Conference

Special issue editors Marcus Carter, Thomas Apperley, Laura Crawford, Martin Gibbs, and Bjorn Nansen bring us a special issue of ToDiGRA, reporting on the inaugural Australian DiGRA conference.

Marcus Carter, Thomas Apperley, Laura Crawford, Martin Gibbs, Bjorn Nansen: What is Australian game studies?

Helen Stuckey, Melanie Swalwell, Angela Ndalianis, and Denise de Vries: Remembering & Exhibiting Games Past: The Popular Memory Archive.
Xavier Ho, Martin Tomitsch, and Tomasz Bednarz Bednarz: Conceptualising Inspiration Networks in Game Design.

Steven Conway and Andrew Trevillian: “Blackout!” Unpacking the Black Box of the Game Event.
Tina Richards: Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: Enacting femininity to avoid dying alone.
Kevin Veale: Affect, Responsibility, and How Modes of Engagement Shape the Experience of Videogames.
For online access to individual articles please visit todigra-old-site.local. For the full issue and ordering printed copies, please visit http://press.etc.cmu.edu/todigra/ .
Annika Waern
Editor, ToDiGRA
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