New Journal: “gamevironments”

Video games today are unquestionable an important factor in cultural and religious socialization and the rapidly influential gaming sector of media brought about and requires a specific academic discourse. This new academic peer-reviewed online journal, the first of its kind, aims at establishing and fostering a platform for such discussions.

The journal’s title, gamevironments, indicates that in our understanding, researching video games is not limited to the established media-centered approaches. On the contrary, also the ‘games/gaming’ – ‘environments’ need to be highlighted, and they are suitably tackled with actor-centered approaches. Gamevironments in our understanding consist of both, the technical environments of video games/gaming and the cultural environments of video games/gaming. The journal welcomes contributions applying all approaches and highlighting all fields of investigation related to video games/gaming and religion, culture, and society.

The inaugural issue was launched on 31 December at
There will be one regular issue per year and additionally special issues.



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