New publication on games and innovation (practice, culture and tools)

From the games and innovation research seminar 2011 (


The seminar was organized in connection with the Games and Innovation (GaIn) research project; the research report of GaIn project is also available (and more after the jump)

The report covers almost the whole 2,5 years of research, and shares our thoughts and results of wide variety of issues.

There is also a short “questions and answers” type of format available.
It introduces the research questions and conclusions of the articles, each as a one-page comic.

If you prefer physical, there is limited amount of physical copies of the book available for purchase at Granum virtual book store (also international shipping):

The complete report:

The comic book version:

The GaIn research project (January 2009-March 2011) was designed to study game industry design, innovation practices, and playful innovation. The GIIP project (March 2010-March 2011) studied the innovation processes of Finnish game companies and supplemented the research goals of GaIn. For more information of the projects visit

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