News/ Announcements: Call for Distinguished Scholars

The DiGRA board has approved establishing the following program. Please feel free to self-nominate or nominate others. We look forward to announcing the inaugural members in Scotland!

DiGRA Distinguished Scholars
Call for Nominations of the Inaugural Group

Since DiGRA’s founding in 2003, game studies has grown into a large, interdisciplinary community of researchers around the world. These researchers have worked to advance the field of game studies in multiple ways, including through the development of rigorous scholarship, the establishment of game studies and game development programs at multiple colleges and universities, and the continued growth of our field. In response, DiGRA will begin to recognize senior scholars who have been at the forefront of such actions. This establishment of a group of DiGRA Distinguished Scholars will also acknowledge significant contributions made by individuals to DiGRA itself as an organization.

This group – DiGRA Distinguished Scholars — is designed to communicate with and advise the DiGRA Executive Board on issues relevant to game research as needed.  They also provide a resource for the DiGRA board when it needs guidance on key scholarly issues.

We are seeking nominations for the initial group of DiGRA Distinguished Scholars.  To nominate someone as a distinguished scholar, please send their name and contact information to Vice-President Christopher A. Paul at  The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2016. Nominees will be contacted to see if they are interested and will need to submit a CV and short statement of interest in the position.  Self-nominees should send a CV and short statement of interest directly to The DiGRA Executive Board will select the inaugural group of Distinguished Scholars, which will be announced at the 2016 DiGRA Annual General Meeting in Scotland.

After establishment of the inaugural group of DiGRA Distinguished Scholars, group members will be responsible – in consultation with the DiGRA Executive Board – for election of future members, which will occur yearly in conjunction with the annual DiGRA conference.


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