Post doctoral fellow in Education (historical games and the portrayal of history in the gaming medium)

Type of employment: Fixed-term employment, 2 years
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Education, Communication and Learning, Göteborg
First day of employment: by agreement
Reference number: PER 2013/493

Subject area

education specializing in historical games and the portrayal of history in the gaming medium

Specific subject description

A specific research interest within the LinCS research environment is the portrayal of history in games, how history is constituted in gaming communities and how games can affect a group´s collective remembering of historical episodes. Games that portray history are a new cultural form that is likely to have unique conditions for how the growing generation will learn about and engage with the past. While movies have a long tradition of shaping our perception of history, we know little about what characteristics games have for telling history, what this means for informal learning processes and what interactions with the past and history games make possible. This post doc position is aimed at supporting research on historical games and their cultural impact.

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