Reminder: Well Played Journal Special Issue CfP: Analog Games

Well Played Journal Special Issue CfP: Analog Games

Edited by Ira Fay
While Well Played regularly focuses on video games, there are a world of games beyond the digital. Analog games provide a diversity of well played experiences worth analyzing in-depth.
We are requesting submissions that provide a well played analysis of analog games. Though we will focus primarily on board and card games, we are open to broader definitions of analog games, including party, roleplaying, miniatures, dexterity, sports, and mixed media that combine analog and digital components. We welcome analyses of popular games as well as more obscure titles. Each submission should include images and/or videos of actual gameplay, as well as any supporting images. The analyses should not only look deeply at the design and play of the game, but also consider the context of the game, including culture, history, and other games in conversation with the well played game.
ETC Press is accepting submissions for this special issue of the Well Played journal now, and all submissions are due by July 1, 2017.
All submissions and questions should be sent to:
well-played (at) lists (dot) andrew (dot) cmu (dot) edu
For more information and formatting guidelines, visit:
The Well Played Journal is a forum for in-depth close readings of games that parse out the various meanings to be found in the experience of playing a game.  It is a reviewed journal open to submissions that will be released on a regular basis.
Contributors are encouraged to analyze sequences in a game in detail to illustrate and interpret how the various components of a game can come together to create a fulfilling playing experience unique to this medium. Through contributors, the journal will provide a variety of perspectives on the value of games.
The goal of the journal is to continue developing and defining a literacy of games as well as a sense of their value as an experience. Games are a complex medium that merits careful interpretation and insightful analysis. By inviting contributors to look closely at games and the experience of playing them, we hope to expand the discussion, and show how games are well played in a variety of ways.
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