Share photos and videos of your workspace with #imakegameshere

Researchers at Abertay University, USC and the V&A Museum in London are collaborating on an AHRC research network called Videogames in the Museum.  They’ve started a hashtag campaign: #imakegameshere (

From the creators:

Devs and designers are encouraged to take photos and videos of their workspaces (however they want to interpret that) and upload it to the hashtag. We’ll be sorting through them preparatory to the design of an exhibition at the V&A on game design. Our goal is to explore and share with the public an understanding of games as a design typology, and game-creation as a collection of craft processes, opening up games and disaggregating them into their actual work practices and aesthetic choices. We see this as a productive alternative to chronological approaches to game curation.

If you’re a game-creator in any sense of the term, we invite you to participate. And please feel free to share this.


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