Simulation & Gaming Double Issue: Climate Change and Simulation/Gaming

Please look at the just-published double issue symposium: Climate change and simulation/gaming:  in Simulation & Gaming, April 2013; Vol. 44, No. 2-3:

Table of contents below

Table of Contents

  • Editorial : Climate Change and Simulation/Gaming: Learning for Survival
  • Foreword : Climate Change and Four Goals for Operational Gaming
  • Prolegomenon : Climate Urgency
  • Guest Editorial : Climate Change and Simulation/Gaming


  • Climate Change Gaming on Board and Screen: A Review
  • Game, Not Fight: Change Climate Change!
  • A Simulation of International Climate Regime Formation
  • A Climate Change Board Game for Interdisciplinary Communication and Education
  • GREENIFY: A Real-World Action Game for Climate Change Education
  • A Perspective-Based Simulation Game to Explore Future Pathways of a Water-Society System Under Climate Change
  • Land Policies for Climate Change Adaptation in West Africa: A Multilevel Companion Modeling Approach
  • If Local Weather Was Our Only Indicator: Modeling Length of Time to Majority Belief in Climate Change
  • Integrating Climate Change Mechanics Into a Common Pool Resource Game

Some of the articles are free download, but only until the end of the year.

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