State of Digital Games Research: International Survey

Digital games research is a young, growing, multidisciplinary field of study. It spans disciplines as diverse as arts, humanities, social sciences,
psychology, design, computer science, engineering and others. This diversity and richness is part of its strength but also one of its challenges.

In order to gain insight into the views and needs of researchers working with/on digital games, three research organizations have joined hands to organize an international survey assessing the State of Digital Games Research.

– Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA), www.digra-old-site.local

– Digital Games Research Temporary Working Group of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA),

– Game Studies Special Interest Group of the International Communication Association (ICA),

Are you conducting or have you conducted research with or on digital games, then please take time to fill out the survey which should not take more than
10-15 minutes and which can be found here:

Also please distribute this survey as widely as possible within your personal network. The wider its reach, the more representative its results, which will be presented in the coming months. For more information, please email

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