T-CIAIG Issue on Brain/Neuronal-Computer Game Interfaces and Interaction now available

This issue was guest edited by  Damien Coyle, Fabien Lotte, Anton Nijholt and Jose Principe.


Links to each paper, as well as Guest Editorial, are below.

Guest Editorial: Brain/neuronal – Computer game interfaces and interaction
Coyle, D.; Principe, J.; Lotte, F.; Nijholt, A.
Page 77

Games, Gameplay and the State of the Art
Marshall, D.; Coyle, D.; Wilson, S.; Callaghan, M.
Page 82

Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential-Based Computer Gaming on a Consumer-Grade EEG Device
Chumerin, N. ; Manyakov, N.V. ; van Vliet, M. ; Robben, A. ; Combaz, A. ; Van Hulle, M.
Page 100

Toward Contextual SSVEP-Based BCI Controller: Smart Activation of Stimuli and Control Weighting
Legeny, J. ; Viciana-Abad, R. ; Lecuyer, A.
Page 111

Thinking Penguin: Multimodal Brain–Computer Interface Control of a VR Game
Leeb, R. ; Lancelle, M. ; Kaiser, V. ; Fellner, D.W. ; Pfurtscheller, G.
Page 117

Controlling a Tactile ERP–BCI in a Dual Task
Thurlings, M.E. ; Van Erp, J.B.F. ; Brouwer, A.-M. ; Werkhoven, P.
Page 129

Adapting the P300-Based Brain–Computer Interface for Gaming: A Review
Kaplan, A. ; Shishkin, S. ; Ganin, I. ; Basyul, I. ; Zhigalov, A.
Page 141

Evaluation and Comparison of a Multimodal Combination of BCI Paradigms and Eye Tracking With Affordable Consumer-Grade Hardware in a Gaming Context
Kos’myna, N. ; Tarpin-Bernard, F.
Page 150

On the Use of Games for Noninvasive EEG-Based Functional Brain Mapping
Scherer, R. ; Moitzi, G. ; Daly, I. ; Muller-Putz, G.R.
Page 155

Electroencephalogram and Physiological Signal Analysis for Assessing Flow in Games
Berta, R. ; Bellotti, F. ; De Gloria, A. ; Pranantha, D. ; Schatten, C.
Page 164

Experiencing BCI Control in a Popular Computer Game
van de Laar, B. ; Gurkok, H. ; Plass-Oude Bos, D. ; Poel, M. ; Nijholt, A.
Page 176

Two Brains, One Game: Design and Evaluation of a Multiuser BCI Video Game Based on Motor Imagery
Bonnet, L. ; Lotte, F. ; Lecuyer, A.
Page 185

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