THINK DESIGN PLAY, 5th DiGRA conference – Registration now Open

THINK DESIGN PLAY, 5th DiGRA conference
September 14-17 2011

We are pleased to announce that the 5th DiGRA conference is now open for registrations. After Leveling Up in the Netherlands (2003), Changing Views in Canada (2005), Situated Play in Japan (2007) and Breaking New Ground in England (2009) the 5th DiGRA Conference returns to the Netherlands for THINK DESIGN PLAY. The conference will run from 14th until the 17th of September 2011.

The goal of DiGRA, the premier international game research organization for professionals and academics, is to advance the study of games and playfulness. THINK DESIGN PLAY aims to connect game research to the creative industries and society by fostering an integrated practice of research, design, engineering and entrepreneurship.

The 5th DiGRA conference seeks to really maximize the opportunities for dialogue and the development of new insights and potential collaborations. The conference program consists of inspiring keynotes, research and practice presentations, panels, workshops, tutorials, an opening party, multiple conference dinners and the opportunity to play lots of games. Keynote speakers include legendary boardgame designer Reiner Knizia, Critical Play researcher and designer Mary Flanagan, Well Played advocate Bernie DeKoven and game researchers Suzanne de Castells and Jennifer Jenson. The next few weeks will see the website announcing more keynote speakers, session titles and authors.

The conference is hosted in Hilversum by the Utrecht School of the Arts. Located in the centre of the country, between Amsterdam and Utrecht, you will be provided with an offbeat yet cosy environment to explore the latest in games research and practice. Hilversum is the hub of the media industry in the Netherlands hosting national broadcasters and many creatives.

We look forward to seeing you.

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