ToDIGRA Vol 1. no 2 – Special issue from Nordic DIGRA now available

On behalf of the editorial board of ToDIGRA, we are proud to announce that the second issue of the ToDIGRA journal now is out. The special issue has been edited by Raine Koskimaa, Frans Mäyrä, Jaakko Suominen and contains selected articles from the Nordic DIGRA conference in 2012, rewritten and extended for this special issue.


Raine Koskimaa, Frans Mäyrä, and Jaakko Suominen: “Introduction: Exploring Nordic Game Research”

Jessica Enevold: “Digital Materialities and Family Practices: The Gendered, Practical, Aesthetical and Technological Domestication of Play”

Juho Hamari and Janne Tuunanen: “Player Types: A Meta-synthesis”

J. Tuomas Harviainen, Timo Lainema, and Eeli Saarinen: “Player-reported Impediments to Game-based Learning”

Simon Järvelä, Inger Ekman, J. Matias Kivikangas, and Niklas Ravaja: “A Practical Guide to Using Digital Games as an Experiment Stimulus”

Jonas Linderoth, Staffan Björk, and Camilla Olsson: “Should I stay or should I go? A Study of Pickup Groups in Left 4 Dead 2”

Jaakko Stenros: “In Defence of a Magic Circle: The Social, Mental and Cultural Boundaries of Play”

The issue is available as open access from the journal home page:
Printed copies of the issue are available through ETC press:

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