Videos from Macquarie University’s Workshop on Games, Ethics, and War now Available

Videos of the talks from the “Workshop on Games, Ethics, and War” held at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) on November 24, 2014 are now available on YouTube. The workshop was organized by Dr. Malcom Ryan with support from Macquarie University’s Department of Computing and the Ethics Centre.
Cory Davis – Crafting an Interactive Experience as a Vehicle for an Existential Conversation
Dr Stephen Coleman & Rev Nikki Coleman – Just War and Gaming
Hugh Davies – Transmedia Warfare: The Militarisation of Alternate Reality Games
Paul Formosa – EthicalDecision Making in The Walking Dead
Dan McMahon – All Quiet
Michał Drozdowski – This War Of Mine, War from a Civilian Perspective
Anna Griffin – Red Cross and the Laws of War
Dan Staines – Designing Games for Moral Engagement: Opportunities and Pitfalls
Alexander Muscat – Warfare in the Uncanny Valley
Robbie Fordyce & Luke van Ryn – The ethical terrain of players vs code
Robert Sparrow & Rebecca Harrison – What can military simulations tell us about violent video games?
Will Owen – “I Was Just Giving Orders”: Expansionism, Genocide & the Value of Life in Strategy Games
José Zagal – If War is Hell, what about Video games?
Workshop on Games, Ethics and War–9tRLWmNGxYSH


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